Draw and Drive Abarth Week Edition

Last week we reviewed the best customizations on Abarth made by Garage Italia so far. We had fun turning them against one other, leaving to you the burden and honor of decreeing your favorite livery and the best interior customization. Now it’s up to you again: we ask you to make your own customized Abarth. All you have to do is to download the template you find on our HUB and start creating, then just publish your artwork on IG and tag @garageitalia to be reposted.DOWNLOAD
You can print it and color it with pencils and markers or do a high-quality job if you are skilled with Photoshop.There are no limits: you can use a pattern you like, get inspired by one of our liveries or even blend the bodywork colors, create a new camouflage or figure out a collabo with your favorite brand.We want to see if you’re still as responsive as a month ago.Be ready!
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