Garage Italia Customs Presents the new Vespa Special-e

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, Garage Italia Customs unveiled another important novelty. The historic headquarters in Piazzale Accursio was the stage for the already announced presentation of Spider Duetto Hybrid. The restomod took shape by applying typical concept-to-product creative experimentation to a 1992 Duetto 2000cc fuel-injected example. Customized in collaboration with renowned Made in Italy excellences-including Poltrona Frau, R-M, Sonus faber and D-Tales and transformed into a hybrid car thanks to an exclusive K.E.R.S. system powered by Newtron, the iconic Alfa Romeo is not the only newcomer to the Garage Italia Customs family.Founder Lapo Elkann, and newly appointed CEO of Garage Italia Customs Sergio Esposito unveiled a never-before-seen full-electric Vespa 50 Special-e.Lapo Elkann says, “I am really happy to present Garage Italia Customs’ Special-e because for me the Vespa is not only an icon of style and design. In fact, I am bound to Piaggio by my deep affection for my cousin Giovanni Alberto Agnelli, who was the company’s president in the 1990s. It is to him that I dedicate this creation. I am also linked to the company from Pontedera by a youthful memory: for a few weeks I was a worker there when I was 17 years old.”“With Vespa 50 Special-e we have aimed straight at the heart of Italian Dolce Vita lovers: through a design in continuity with the great success of Spiaggina, Vespa further reinforces its storytelling, and comes to summer with freshness, color, and our all-Italian touch. Vespa 50 Special-e is available for pre-order now through all the official channels of Garage Italia Customs,” says Sergio Esposito.
Once again Garage Italia Customs thus becomes an ambassador of the Italian style in the world, updating with contemporary details selected cult models that have marked the automotive history of our country.The iconic Vespa is proposed by Garage Italia Customs in new shades, including “lattementa”, a pastel green created in collaboration with R-M that winks at its brand new electric soul. Many other details are the grips, shield profiles, tire cover strips and optional front and rear luggage racks, while the short-stemmed mirror features a rectangular dial that echoes the shape of the front headlight.Distinctive is the single-seat “humpback” seat, upholstered with an innovative, nautical-derived, diamond-textured technical material, either integrally or in combination with a fabric that is also nautical.Designed specifically for Vespa 50 Special-e, the electrification kit takes the place of the combustion engine in the side compartment. With a power output of 1,1kW and a range of 100km, it registers superior performance to the latest technologies on the market today.Vespa 50 Special-e is available for pre-order now at
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