Handicapped Cars by Beni Bischof

It’s easy to feel a sense of suspension observing the works of Beni Bischof, Swiss artist of clear fame, who tries to give us back that incredulous expression that every individual deserves to have in front of a work; and he does it just through the same suspension of cars that, thanks to his considerable interventions cease to be simple cars, transforming themselves into real futuristic objects.
Singular and unusual cars that easily come out of the mind of the author; Bischof in fact, through the scanning of dated color images, flattens and retouches, expanding the boundaries of our visual experiences and reproducing what in fact, could be called “alien cars”, which sometimes dresses in bright colors, sometimes patina of a Black and White effect.
This new materiality and corporeity of Bischof’s objects, which makes them appear light, aerodynamic, floating and fast (even though they are almost always represented statically), could make us reflect on the fragile consistency of our bond with some things that, especially in this age where everything runs fast, remain static and unchanged. It is precisely the absence of wheels, in fact, that is meant to determine a lack of friction with earthly experience, distancing us from the usual imagery and bringing us closer to Bischof‘s desire to convey evolution and progress.EDITOR: Elena Sofia Pivetta
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