Jeep Wrangler Sahara BF Goodrich

Ok it’s not Thursday but we felt like a throwback, waiting to reveal what we have in store in the new year.Digging through our archives, we found this project created by BFGoodrich as part of the “12&Vinci” competition, which offered as a prize this unique model of Jeep Wrangler Sahara, customized by Garage Italia.
To take part in the competition, for dealers only, all you had to do was buy 12 tires from the BFGoodrich Off-Road ranges:– All Terrain KO2– Mud Terrain KM2– Mud Terrain KM3For every 12 tires, the participating dealer had a chance to win a prize.
THE PRIZEA show car that fully reflects the personality and off-road passion of the BFGoodrich brand. The car has undergone a complete restyling, both in terms of aesthetics and mechanics.The exterior features two-tone tri-layer blue and red paintwork with contrasting BFGoodrich lettering, a special soft-touch finish on the hard-top and wheel arch, with references to the pattern that traces the imprint left by the tire, two-tone rims and customised rear windows.
Once inside the passenger compartment, the leather seats and the central armrest also bear the imprint of the tire tread, with blue and red Alcantara inserts and Garage Italia logo embroidered on the headrest.The show car is approved for on-road use… and especially off-road, thanks to a +2.5″ Fox lift kit, an adjustable Fox Ats steering damper, Ninja 8×17 wheels, adventure front bumper, rear gate and rear license plate displacement kit with dual LED lighting. What do you guys think?And what would your dream off-roader look like?
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