Jonah Hill and cars

Jonah Hill last decade has been definetly on the cutting edge. The Los Angeles-based actor, film producer and dubber has racked up two Oscar nominations, worked with the likes of Martin Scorsese and the Coen Brothers, and written and directed one of the best-reviewed films of 2018. But that’s not all. We can safely say that he’s also one of the most hyped style icons of recent years. It doesn’t matter if he’s overweight or not, Jonah has quickly become a reference for many fashionistas.
Obsessed with streetwear, early adopter of Palace Skateboards and crazy for the eccentric shirts of Wacko Maria, Jonah combines with great ease a basketball tank top with a pair of pants by Dries Van Noten and a super stylish Marni lace-up on his feet. His collaboration with Adidas Originals, on the other hand, is just a small tip of the iceberg of one of his greatest passions.
But Jonah is also a discreet car enthusiast: they come in and out of his life on and off the set, even if honestly, he keeps a much lower profile than many of his colleagues. The sobriety of the Audis he drives on a daily basis are a counterbalance to Jonah’s volcanic personality and his restless spirit, capable of impulsively dyeing his hair fuchsia overnight or tattooing random puppets on his body. Precedente Successivo
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