French ugliest cars ever

For the third episode of our review of the ugliest cars we move close to home. I have always thought of the French cousins as touchy people but that is not why I will avoid listing their least beautiful cars. The law is the same for everyone! Let me be sentimental, first I will talk about a car from the Renault automaker, the first generation Kangoo. With it I learned how to park, how to drive on narrow Ligurian streets, and how to make uphill starts. The 18-year-old me would not be happy with this mention but, if the dealers at the dealership where I bought it renamed it the MONSTER, there must be a reason. Let's go through the details of what it is: at Renault they have economized by taking inspiration from the front of the Twingo and adding, for the rear seats, a single sliding side door. They then put in three windows on each side, the one in front could open normally, the middle one, on one side would slide all the way down, on the other side would open only slightly, the windows at the back were fixed. The strong point of this car is definitely the trunk, it either fits a king-size mattress or all my brother's friends.P.S. for the authorities reading this: I swear I have never driven with teenagers in the trunk!
Another Renault model that must be part of this review is the Avantime. Not a great success, it is a car that started as a concept in 1999 and then was produced without major changes until 2003 when it was retired. A two-door, four-seater coupe with a distinctive rear end, "a type" that is nice but ugly, the headlights especially but also the trunk silhouette make up its bizarre design. Arrived in Italy in 2001 it was not understood, not even the surprise effect of the Grand Air button, which made all the windows and the roof open simultaneously, saved its sales.
Turning to Peugeot I have a doubt about the 1007 model. I am almost certain that the designers missed the measurements of the sliding doors, in fact if opened they exceed the end of the car that they are not even comfortable for passengers sitting in the back. Expectations on this car were very high, but never as high as the price which the public did not appreciate, given also the ease of scratching the doors on the sidewalk (as happened during a presentation) no wonder the Peugeot 1007 was only produced from 2005 to 2010.
In the various rankings of the ugliest cars ever it often happens that the Citroën Ami 6 is mentioned. On one hand I read that it looks like an elephant sat on top of the hood, on another that it appears to be a wrecked car, my humble opinion is that in Citröen they said to themselves "make it weird" ad a wavy model was born on the front and angular on the back. Produced from 1961 to 1969, it was designed by Bertoni, whom they called "the Italian" in the company; replacing it in 1978 was the Citroën Visa.Do you think there are other French cars that we forgot?
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