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Japanese ugliest cars ever

Finally we arrive in far-flung Japan. Activate yourself as your taste buds did the first time you tasted salmon nigiri, below you will read about ugly, indeed very ugly cars!
Honda Element: Hello, door police?I don't know how many people will believe it but there is a Facebook page, with more than 12 thousand members, called Honda Element Lovers, if you are wondering, yes, it is a private page, no, I didn't join it. In this case the Japanese designers decided to use the axe as a tool to shape the whole exterior, I wonder why they didn't come up with square wheels. Perfect for traveling in the deserts, I think, certainly handy for camping.
Nissan Cube, a small minivan all wrong.Produced in three different generations, the last one also came to Europe and the United States, where it was called one of the worst cars produced by Nissan. To advertise the car, it was stated that the rear end was inspired by Jennifer Lopez's butt, I don't think J.Lo appreciated that. Definitely one of the ugliest cars ever but they got it right on one thing: the Name, it really is a moving cube.
Mazda 121, an uncoordinated mouse.The idea was to create a mini sedan in less than 4 meters, complete with four doors. Obviously the result was cartoonish even though it still succeeded in the feat of being sold a little bit everywhere in the world. As one can imagine, even in this case the small Japanese car was the subject of criticism, but it did not lack, and does not lack, also many admirers who ironically took it for what it is meant to represent: an ugly, but all in all funny car.
Suzuki Vitara X-90 Cabrio, beautiful if we were at the circus.Two-door and two-seater, equipped with a removable roof to make up for the tiny cabin, it was not very successful, who knows why? Production of the X-90 is generally considered a flop: only 7,205 were imported in the U.S. Even the steep discounts applied (about a 25 percent reduction from list price) failed to improve sales, so after just two years on the market it was withdrawn from the market in 1998. The well-known British TV presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, called it the "worst car of all time." Little trivia: The car found a niche of admirers only when Red Bull converted some X-90s into advertising vehicles by mounting a giant can on the back of the car.
Subaru B9 Tribeca, 4 little eyes for a badger nose.The Japanese manufacturer with this model wanted to challenge the giants of the sector to which it belonged, but its very "peculiar" line was not appreciated by the market, so much so that the first restyling was necessary after only two years of its birth. Despite the technical and construction features that promised to elevate the Tribeca to a luxurious SUV capable of winning the attention of many motorists, the Japanese automaker's 7-seater vehicle never managed to break through in the market. The fault? Obviously the curious design; it resembles a small animal with whiskers.
Toyota Yaris Verso, If Frankenstein were an automobile.Born as a "fashionable" minivan experiment in 2001, and after the inevitable flop, it was withdrawn from the market in 2004. But despite its short life, the Verso certainly left its mark with its unexceptional livery. Does it alone remind me of my beloved Kangoo?
Of ugly models in Japan there would be many more but I'll stop here this time, which one should I definitely have included?
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