A look at the italian ugliest cars ever

A small premise: if I say Automobile, we don't necessarily have to think of the most beautiful, some will focus on the one they own, others on the one they want. On the other hand, I often think of my first four-wheeler. The salesmen at the dealership where I bought it, second-handed as it fits to a newly licensed, they had renamed it THE MONSTER. I have to admit that since I owned (and loved)  an admittedly ugly car, this makes me an expert on the subject. This format will be approached by dividing the cars by geographic areas; we’ll tell you about the ugliest cars in each country, starting, of course, from our home, Italy.You don't need to be an artist, degrees in design or to be practical in proportionality, anyone can agree that the Fiat Multipla is an ugly car, since we also dedicated her a playlist entitled “Sarete belli voi!”. The point here is to decide whether it is the ugliest of all.Dubbed "a newsstand on wheels," it is mistreated and mocked by most, but do not forget that it was the first affordable six-seater car. If the front of the car were a man's face it would have faraway eyes, small straight lips, thick unibrow and a spacious forehead, not even the 2006 restyling improves it. They remove two eyes, the front grille allows it to resemble the rest of the cars on the road, but the rear remains similar to the old model.
A few years ago a car from Fiat was awarded the "Turkey" award: according to Americans, the 500L is the worst car on the market in 2018. According to the ranking published by Consumer Reports on the eve of Thanksgiving, our Fiat 500L is not pleasant to drive: it has an uncomfortable seat because of the flat seats, and the driving position was compared to sitting at a desk. Those who have tried it can confirm.Capri is one of the most appreciated places in the world, if you visit the island it is obligatory to take a boat ride and visit the Blue Grotto but to get around on the road what means is best to use?Mom Fiat designed the Marea model and then produced it from 1996 to 2003. This particular convertible version is capable of carrying up to six people in addition to the driver, and for years it was used by Capri taxi drivers to transport tourists to the island-unfortunately the view distracts from the ugliness of this car.
The Alfa also slipped.The Alfa Romeo Arna (short for Alfa Romeo Nissan Auto) is a sedan built in collaboration with Nissan and produced from 1983 to 1987. In 2008, in a poll sponsored by the national newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, it was judged the ugliest car ever. Among the most famous cars, it was the subject of negative songs and showmanship, one example above all being the song "The Vision" by Elio e le Storie Tese (On vacation on the Arno, on vacation on the Arna, / this collaboration between Italy and Japan / that bore fruit and I put it in the oven.)
We left the best at the end, and we’re back to Fiat cars. A contemporary of the friendly Arna, according to our chairman Lapo Elkann the ugliest car is the Fiat Duna.The Uno with the tail was produced in South America from 1985 to 2000 and then imported to Europe between 1987 and 1991. Particularly unpretty is also the family version (Duna Weekend, produced until 1997), more spacious than its sister but with even more wrong proportions, will be quite successful due to its affordable price.Now the question is: which one have we forgotten?
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