MICHELIN e.PRIMACY: tire made to last

Have you ever wondered what Garage Italia and Michelin have in common with?The basis of our partnership is certainly a common focus on sustainable mobility.For example, we retrieve and restore classic cars converting them to electric: with theIcon-e project, the“restomod“ phenomenon meets the re-use and upcycling attitude of Michelin, which has launched itself into something even bigger.
Michelin launched its e.Primacyrange with the target of making all Michelin tires 100% sustainable by 2050. “Environmental issues are at the heart of our strategic priorities. By 2030, Michelin tyres will be 20% more energy efficient than in 2010. Tomorrow, everything will be sustainable!” The words of Executive Vice President Scott Clark.
A crazy challenge, isn’t it?
From the extraction of raw materials to the shipment to the customer, the aim is to achieve a CO2-neutral supply chain. To achieve such an ambitious result, it is essential to use renewable materials in the creation of tires, without losing sight another target, increasing the performance of its range and paving the way for a future generation of green products.
Michelin e.Primacy is aimed at the premium summer tyre category with low rolling resistance, which translates into a saving for the driver of around 0.21 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres, making it the most efficient in its category in terms of rolling resistance and therefore the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective to use, while offering all the safety, grip and durability that are the hallmarks of Michelin tyres.Michelin e.Primacy is the most efficient tyre in its class.Find out more at Michelin.
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