Can a car inspire a fashion brand? It seems that it is possible, just as the opposite is also true.
When fashion brands and car manufacturers, two worlds apparently distant but closer than you think, meet on the neutral field of contamination and put their creativity on the table, the result is often something unique and never seen before. On the other hand, nowadays, we see so much stuff every day that seeing something new that makes us say ‘wow!’ is increasingly difficult. The collaborations between brands belongin to different spheres are surely the most interesting and fresh thing that can happen in this mare magnum of hype.
We are very aware that there have been many others case histories before this, but if we have to start from one, we choose to do it from this. 2011, Garage Italia did not yet exist, and perhaps the idea had not yet flashed through the mind of our Creative Chairman.
Let’s start with a 500 (it could not be otherwise or maybe yes) but not any one. Let’s start with a special edition by Fiat and Gucci. The idea of ​​this co-branding came from Lapo Elkann and the 500 in subject is called Fiat 500 by Gucci to emphasize the unprecedented collaboration between the Fiat Style Center and the former Creative Director of the Florentine fashion house Frida Giannini. Born in the year of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy and the 90th anniversary of Gucci, it opens up a dialogue between the world of fashion with that of motorsports. The presentation was also double, with an event at the opening of Milan Fashion Week and the unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show.
Frida Giannini looked to the past. Since its first appearance, the Fiat 500’s style was revolutionary, as traveling with style has always been one of the priorities also for Gucci, which originally produced suitcases, trunks and travel bags. The winning chromatic combination is that black / white, which recalls the colors of pre-technicolor films. Black variant with shiny chrome details in contrast with the white interiors and white version with satin chromed elements and ivory and black interiors.
The livery is marked by the iconic green-red-green band that runs around the entire perimeter of the car. The double G is body colored, while the Gucci signature stands out on the tailgate and on the door pillar. Then, the retro-inspired rims and rear brake calipers in Gucci green are so cool.
The brand signature could not miss in the interior upholstery, with Frau leather seats with “Guccissima” print. Also on the seats the motif of the external band is taken up, as well as on the gearbox, mats and, last but not least, on the seat belts!
The 500 Gucci was also a pioneer in the way of purchasing, with an initial sales phase in which it was only available on pre-order online. To close the circle of the collaboration here is a rich capsule collection of clothing and accessories, including some small leather goods, rigorously matched with the two cars.
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