Nicolas Anelka and cars

A few days ago the trailer of Anelka: Misunderstood has been unveiled, a documentary that will be out next August 5 on Netflix.
As easily comprehensible from the title, the document tells the life of Nikolas Anelka, a famous French footballer capable of dressing the jersey of 13 different clubs in his 19 years’ career, from 1996 to 2015. At the center of the narration be the most controversial moments of his career in and out the pitch, featured by interviews with many former teammates and other colleagues who have had to deal with him through years.
Many have called him a problematic character, difficult to understand and how hard was to bridle his strong charisma. What is certain is that has born one Nicolas Anelka every 100 years, unfortunately or for God’s sake (we’re joking of course)! The opinions on his figure are always clearly divided, without half measures, between strong supporters and categorical detractors.
Today Anelka is the coach of the youth team of Lille, and he turned his name in Abdul-Salam Bilal after converting to Islam. In addition to various national titles, he conquered a UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid (1999-2000), while with the French national team he boasted from Europe in 2000 won in extra time at our own expense (ed) and a Confederations Cup the year later.
Nicolas, like many many of his colleagues, is not exempt from the charm of exotic cars. We had fun in scanning the web looking for some snapshots with his supercars, and it has been more difficult than we expected. Do you recognize them all?Did you miss the Anelka trailer? Check it out here.
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