Once upon a time…the Mazda MX-5 Levanto

It was the 2016 when Mazda and Garage Italia decided to join forces to make a unique example on an MX-5 base. The one-off, presented at the new Darsena in Milan, takes the name of Levanto, as the well-known destination of the Cinque Terre where surfing is practiced, and is characterized by an unmistakable livery, a painting that recreates the play of lights of the sunset, with the two main colors blended together, passing from the orange of the lower part to the blue of the upper to create a perfect “sunset” effect. Precedente Successivo
Okay so, Levanto, the Surf, the sunset and a convertible, united by a common denominator: the summer.What inspired the creation of this unique car it’s the summer itself, the one portrayed by Bruce Brown in a film classic of the 60s, “The Endless Summer”.The story of the two Californian friends who start to travel the world in search of the perfect wave inspired the Italian branch of the Hiroshima company, and Garage Italia put its dose of creativity to translate this concept into automotive form. A leitmotif that also returns in the interior design, as we will see later.
Precedente SuccessivoThe shades of sunset, we were saying. The interiors echo the colours of the bodywork, with Japanese denim and blue Alcantara nautical water-resistant upholstery, with contrasting orange stitching. The real gem are the 17-inch diamond-finished wheels renamed Design 66 to underline the link with that film and that summer we never wanted to end. And what is your favourite summer car? Precedente Successivo
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