Pantone Stories: Blue Cala Di Volpe

L’Hotel Cala di Volpe is the quintessence of the magic that has made the Costa Smeralda the most glamorous natural playground in the Mediterranean, the setting for cult films such as “007 La Spia che mi amava”, fashion shows, celebrity weddings and concerts.
Overlooking one of the most beautiful bays of the Costa Smeralda, the hotel is a natural blue-tone set for events and festivals. The Hotel Cala di Volpe was built like an old fishing village, with arcades, granite floors, arches and stairs: designed in 1962 by architect Jacques Couëlle and expanded in 1971, the hotel represents the perfect fusion of landscape and architecture thanks to details such as stained glass windows, ceramics, ton sur ton flooring, antique furniture, in a blaze of Blue.
This particular point of blue, the dominant colour of the bay, is also the colour of the 500 Jolly Icon-e that Garage Italia has created especially for the structure, surrounded by crystal waters and the beach, protected by junipers and myrtle bushes, the typical Sardinian bush that adorns the bay, helping to create the unique atmosphere for one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Mediterranean. Are you ready to explore these wonders aboard our Blue Cala di Volpe 500 Jolly Icon-e?
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