Pantone Stories: Living Coral

Many of you know that Pantone announces a color of the year every December, based on the Pantone Color Institute’s forecasting research. The color is the result of many combined factors that are affected by what is happening in our global culture and are susceptible to change depending on the period.
Last year’s main colour is a shade of pastel coral, in short, an injection of optimism in purity. Living Coral, in fact, was decreed colour in 2019 by Pantone, an institute that studies colour and has been influencing fashion, design and beauty choices for twenty years.
Pantone Living Coral reminds us how the coral reef ecosystem is a varied spectrum of colors. Recalling the nature, we could almost call it an environmentalist colour, which focuses on environmental issues that have now become a priority.
The Pantone institute also argues that Living Coral 16-1546 is a shade that leverages the recovery of human relationships in response to depersonalization, exasperated by the inordinate use of social media. If on the one hand the digital has reduced the distances, on the other hand didi t only superficially, so we feel the need to recover contact with reality and restore human relationships in off-line life. Last year’s protagonist color is a pastel coral shade so lively that it represents a real injection of optimism in purity that celebrates sociality. We wish you to jump aboard this Jolly Icon-e and enjoy a carefree summer full of authentic and real experiences.
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