Pressed Flowers by Ron Arad

What would happen if you took a bunch of cars and pressed them under a giant press?
Ron Arad is an Israeli designer, architect and artist. Much of his artistic production is characterized by the use of metals, aluminum and steel with which he experiments in an expressionistic way all the potential of these materials through techniques mostly craft.Arad is an unconventional designer because his creativity is not rooted in a single category but expands in the exploration of other fields. In fact, on the occasion of his solo exhibition In Reverse,Ron Arad installed the work Pressed Flowers, composed of six crushed and flattened models of FIAT 500s of different colors, all from the Garage Proietti in London.
The six FIAT 500s were pressed as if under a press, removing any sense of depth and thus losing their three-dimensionality. After being two-dimensional, they were placed on the gallery walls as if they were paintings.
Fiat 500 is a national symbol for Italy and our generation, and it’s a very endearing vehicle. Everyone has stories about their first date in a Fiat, or first kiss. We’re not destroying the cars, we’re immortalising them”. Ron Arad
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