Road Signs: the Garage Italia Horoscope

Hormones are awakening, flowers and buds are sprouting, you smell the first herbaceous scents and new projects are in the air. Boom, here comes Spring baby!


You fly on the DeLorean towards a bright future.But don't be distracted by frivolities, set the right date!


We are about to enter your favourite time. Like every year, in spring you feel reborn and come back super creative and proactive, which you haven't recognised since last month.Pretty much like when a car comes here and goes out fully customised.


Saturn against.You have to be patient, March for you will be like parking your grandfather's car in a tight spot with a line of cars behind it honking. Welcome to Milan!


A very small improvement, but you are like a car that hasn't seen water for a month. Arm yourself with patience and laser-cut microfibre, put on a mechanic's suit (you can find it in our shop) and go into Zen mode. Marcello Mereu who?!


After three years, I repeat, THREE years of Saturn in opposition, he finally gets out of your hair, but guess who he's up against? Pluto!But nobody’s going to kill you Leos, these little planets won't even make a scratch on your bumper.


You are too focused on work! Take some time for yourself. A weekend away, an evening at the cinema. Preferably on board our Panda 4x4, fresh from its birthday.


As those who really know how to read the stars say, March will be a scratchy month for you. Remember our 595 Abarth Tiger? That's more or less it. The others are warned.


You've been distracted, first by Sanremo, then by fashion week and now you're mad about Mare Fuori.Advice for concentration: hands on the steering wheel at 10:10, eyes fixed on the road and Spotify playlist Disco StuPanda blasting away.


Venus will be a positive influence, get into it with love, but otherwise March is to be taken with Karma...Sutra: choose your favorite position, as long as you're both comfortable.


In spring it’s time to cut away dead wood, word to the wise. Uranus will bring you an excellent shape, you'll even feel like going for a jog in the park. And if you're lazy, drive our Spiaggina, it’s full electric!


We know you don't like to be seen as vulnerable, but showing your feelings won't get you fined! What's the point of getting a Duetto and then leaving the seat next to yours empty? Sharing is caring.


Be rational and you will be able to give shape to your creative ideas. You won't need to turn on your fog lights, we'll help you. Yes, it’s because of global warming, but we don’t deserve fog in March.
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