Road Signs: the Garage Italia Horoscope

Monday is always a Monday. But Monday in September is definitely one of the worst Mondays of the entire year.Back in, starting again, time for resolutions? We could bet that you are about to reactivate your gym membership, that you are going to try to stop putting together that piece of furniture left half-finished in the middle of the living room on the 9th of August.Are you ready to know how this month will go according to the stars?


Queues on the highway and a thousand emails to read trigger you as much as single-colour cars do us. Deep breaths and asmr playlists will help you as much as the stars, which are ready to give you a bit of luck this time.


You are those who join the gym every year in September, then after one lesson, the most tenacious after two, you invent all sorts of ailments in order to drop out. Your personal trainer knows this and pretends it's nothing.


Get ready for a month of bad moons, better to stay away from you.You are angry as the chili you brought home from Calabria and still recovering from the 16 hours in A2 on the return trip, make an effort and think positive.


You are the only one happy to see colleagues again (so ask yourself some questions). You missed your dear routine, you couldn't wait to dive into a sea of unread emails and console those who don't think like you and have returned from holiday more tired than before.


Tanned and radiant as only you know how to be, tales of your travels will delight friends who have stayed in town all month. Some people will hate you underneath and may throw tantrums at you, but you fly high, very high.


Apparently there will be excellent chance for you in love, Venus tells you to speed up and make your move. Go ahead and plan out-of-town trips, but avoid long distances at weekends, there are still a couple of crowdy Sundays on the motorways ahead.


You have returned to the office spring-loaded and discovered that everyone is still on holiday. That's right, you have the same expression as an Alfista excited about the new 33 Stradale, eager to snap one up, when he discovers that only 33 of them have been produced, and they’re all sold out.


The others: "Do you need help?"Scorpio: "No" as he parks nonchalantly in reverse, uphill, burning the clutch and making the side of the rented car.


This month you have to be on the ball. A sea of hairpin bends and curves, hard braking, Sunday cyclists to avoid, slow cars to plug, and the usual car that hangs on your tail. Keep Calm and look ahead or risk ending up off the road.


Your car is a battlefield after the holiday: sand, dirt, scattered plastic bottles, receipts, knotted cords, junk food left in the middle. Maybe there is still some Kit For Lovers left in our online shop. Take care of it, she will be grateful.


Sometimes it's time to slow down... The tongue: count till 100 or list all of Ferrari's missed podiums in the last two years, but avoid running your mouth when you're nervous. "Troubles, troubles, troubles!"


Here are the lucky ones, the ones who worked all of August and are now enjoying their well-deserved holiday. Know that everyone’s gonna hat… ehm, envy you.
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