Road Signs: the Garage Italia Horoscope

Luglio, col bene che ti voglio / Vedrai non finirà (ai ai ai ai)Luglio m'ha fatto una promessa / L'amore porterà…​​By now summer has begun and with it the heat has woken up the hormones. Curious to know what the stars are saying about the seventh month?


Petty skirmishes, widespread nervousness and scattered aches and pains. Stop seeing everything as grey. Do like Fiat, which has said stop to grey painted cars. We love colours!


Dissonant Venus could make some of you think you're not cool enough. Last minute diets don't work. If you want to be the coolest without struggling in the gym, our Duetto Spider is for you.


You're doing great in love, but finances are crying, you're overspending. Wrapping your convertible Punto in shocking pink for the release of the Barbie film? It's definetly the right thing to do.


In the month of your birthday a lot of news is on the way, such as the return of the Fiat Topolino. How cute is it? We liked it so much that our artistic streak started. Give us one and no one will get hurt.


Your favourite time of year is coming, the summer sales! If you want to be the king of the party, dear lions, colour matching is a must. Tone-on-tone shirt, swimming suit and 500 Spiaggina. SBAM!


Clear skies and no opposing planets.This is your moment, between festivals, weekends at the beach and barbecues with friends. But be careful not to overdo it: drink lots of water, eat lots of fruit and don't go out during the hottest hours.


It will be a month full of revolutions, but not for you.Your pandina is sacred and anyone who touches it gets in troubles. We would gladly give it a facelift - it’s still Grandpa's interior!


Temptation Island has started, and we know you all watch it, forced by your girlfriends.  Leave the drama on the island and concentrate on yourself. Mars will get in your way, be patient, maybe it will get better towards the end of the month.


The planets are on your side for a little longer, fire all the bullets now.For you F1 fans, this is your month: 4 GPs in 5 weekends. How many will Verstappen win, and why all 4?


So as not to annoy karma let's not say it too loudly, but it's a time when everything is going right for you. As the song says, As long as the boat goes, turn on the cruise control and let it go.


Mars is out of the way, but Venus and Jupiter are still rowing against you.With two planets below par, I guess we'll put you off until September. In the meantime, limit your risks: trouble getting on a scooter.


Summer is the season for travel and you are unbeatable in mental travel.For holidays, the real ones, make sure you plan yours quickly.Fill up with fuel and check the oil level before leaving, the A1 Highway is not a nice place to plant your umbrella.
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