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The Design Centre

Garage Italia Customs offers its clients a unique and innovative customisation project experience, the result of a continuous research process and thanks to the ability to suggest creative concepts always in trend. Garage Italia Customs’ Design Centre is where research and development meet, exploring new stylistic frontiers through the skilful combination of colors, the use of innovative materials and the choice of high-tech treatments and processes.
Garage Italia Customs handles painting with the same care and dedication as a painter, constantly experimenting with new techniques and products to create true works of art that are immediately identifiable.
Each creation is the result of hours of craftsmanship, between layers of colour, tone-on-tone shading and airbrushing, meticulously applied by hand.
We offer solutions for all car types of materials, from wood to carbon fiber, we redefine the concept of moulding by elevating it to a design element.
Colour & Trim remains the highlight of any special project, being able to draw from a wide range of high-quality leathers and fabrics and match them according to style, seasonality and customer’s taste.

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