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US ugliest cars ever

You must cross the ocean to get a view of “the bigger the better” mindset. Only then you will be able to understand the ugliest U.S. cars. The first to be named is surely Chrysler's PT Cruiser model, inspired by the aesthetic dictates that made 1930s American classic cars great. The result, however, is a curmudgeonly, strange, ugly vehicle with bislong and boxy shapes together. In spite of this, however, the PT managed to be a commercial success, with more than 1.3 million units sold, a good portion of which were also sold in Europe and Italy. Ugly even in its convertible version, it was named Motor Trend Car of The Year in 2001 but soon its retro styling caused it to climb other much less flattering rankings.
Could the Chevrolet HHR be called a copy of the Chrysler PT Cruiser? Absolutely. In fact, the designer is the same, Bryan Nesbitt, who has since moved from Chrysler's offices to Chevrolet's. The HHR was born five years later than the PT and had the same trend as its big sister-after a good start in sales, it almost immediately tired the public, who thought it was too clunky and unharmonious in its lines.
Another not-so-cute model from Chevrolet is the Tacuma. The original design is even signed by the Pininfarina Design Center, but aesthetically it is not convincing, for a design born in 2000 it has a bit too many legacies of 90s style. It must be said, however, that it is an "honest" car, suitable for families and more generally for those who need space without standing out too much at traffic lights.
Produced for five years (from '94 to '99) this model replaces the previous "Scorpio," which was perhaps not so original since it was neither more nor less than a Sierra subjected to a fattening diet. So with the 1994 Ford Scorpio they wanted to do something completely different and original by going overboard. The result was that of a mammoth sedan of about five meters in true U.S. style. In Europe it was quite awkward in city maneuvering, and those who had it remember it for the perennial search for a suitable parking space to contain it.
Cadillac has always been synonymous with U.S. elegance, but the latest Escalade model has no line that can be defined as "elegant." Truncated front and rear, the Cadillac Escalade's cabin is a blend of luxury and hyper-technology, with no less than three screens: a 7.2-inch screen, a 14.2-inch screen that serves as the instrument cluster, and a 16.9-inch screen for the infotainment system. For rear passengers, there are two 12.6-inch touch screens to keep them from getting bored on long trips. And if that were not enough, the navigation system has an augmented reality system that combines real images with navigation information. In short, it is more of a 'spaceship than a 'car. The mammoth American SUV arrived in Italy in 2022 and appears to have been Georgina's birthday gift to her husband Cristiano for his 37th birthday, with her husband's Amex, of course.
Lastly, I include in this review the Hummers, all models. The most ardent have repeatedly suggested obtaining a C license in order to drive one of the three variants offered by Hummer. It’s a vehicle better suited for military rather than family commitments, but we can admit, in the case of a particularly large family it represents the ideal with a trunk that offers from 1,132 to 2,452 liters (Hummer H2), certainly suits you if you want to invade the driveway of the neighbor who is on your case. I have never met a Hummer owner and yet I always imagined him as a very short little man sitting in the driver's seat. Last thing, I promise: can we say that the Limousine version with the little flowers on the hood is very funny?As every time, the question is the same: any other ugly cars to report? Do it here!
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