This 500 Jolly Icon-e is an ode to Apulia

The weather in Milan is so grey these days that we would like to fly to Apulia and lose ourselves in the atmosphere of Borgo Egnazia, driving through Fasano’s wood on board our 500 Jolly Icon – here in the Egnazia grey version, the special tailor-made colorway we developed for the relais.
Have you ever been there? The “Borgo” is a magical place, a hymn to this region’s beauties, that we find even in the smallest detail, from the colors of the land, to the scents, the materials: ‘Nowhere else’ is not just a simple motto, but it summarizes in just two words the experience that Borgo Egnazia offers, unique in its kind and destined to remain unchanged over time like another Italian icon, the Fiat 500. And when the innovation of the Icon-e project by Garage Italia meets the charm of Borgo Egnazia, a special edition of the legendary electric 500 Jolly is born, paying homage to the symbol of the Apulian hospitality all over the world.
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