Tom Brady's Garage

Yes, it happened again, like every year. The sirens of Super Bowl number LV have echoed even here in our country, and it’s been the talk of the town for days. The final of the NFL, the U.S. professional football league is undoubtedly one of the sporting events with the greatest media resonance: after all, it’s the match for the title of World Champion, for that habit that is typically American to elect “World Champion” the winning team of the national league, as happens for the NBA.
And one of the trending topics of the last few days, along with the performance of the Canadian popstar The Weeknd, who took the stage in the 15 minutes halftime, was definitely Tom Brady, the eternal king of the Super Bowl.The quarterback class ’77 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday night (Italian time), won his seventh world title on 9 finals played, a sort of talisman in the flesh.
Just think that Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., known to his friends as “Tom”, at the age of 43, has more titles in his trophy showcase than any NFL franchise. A winner on the field and in life, his character almost seems to embody the stereotype of the cool quarterback protagonist of 90% of American comedies. Happily married since 2009 to the top of the top Gisele Bündchen, he proudly shares with his wife a very impressive fleet of cars. Take a look. Precedente Successivo
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