Aimé Leon Dore x Porsche is the perfect collab

Teddy Santis’ work at Aimé Leon Dore made the brand into a lifestyle reference, something bigger than simple clothing. The luxury lifestyle idea connected to ALD also involves cars. The history between Porsche and the brand is renewed thanks to the third collaboration that sees the 356 as its star.The projects carried out by Porsche and Aimé Leon Dore are the perfect blend of fashion and automotive. It all began in 2020 with the 964. The white car features some modifications to the bodywork and red co-branding accents, but it's inside the cabin where Teddy Santis' genius is fully expressed: Full-grain Schott leather covers the dashboard, steering wheel, and door panels, while suede leather is chosen for the headliner. The Recaro seats bring a touch of Italian excellence with the pied de poule upholstery by Loro Piana. Loro Piana adds the final touch with the trunk lining, which contains a toolbox made of the same material.
The collaboration continues in 2021, this time with a 911SC. The 1978 Super Carrera is dressed in an olive green directly from the Porsche archives. Attention to detail distinguishes the two brands, giving the car a set of additional headlights placed on the front hood. The choice to stay true to history is also evident in the classic halogen lights rather than modern LED ones, as well as the black and white Fuchs wheels. The roof features a convenient roof rack, and it's once again inside the cabin that Teddy Santis explores the potential of such a monumental collaboration: Persian carpets enhance the contrast between the olive dashboard and the light tones of the Recaro seats, as well as the white side door panels.
In the past few days the third collaboration was announced for the reopening of Mulberry Street flagship.  The car sports a Midnight blue paint job, the mudguard are removed in order to lighten the body. Silver rims and white-wall tires meet modern technology thanks to the disc breaks installed on the wheels.
Midnight Blue tonal seats and tonal stitches matched to alpaca headrests and floor mats pull the interiors together while numerous traces of co-branding can be found both on the inside and the outside of the car. The rear hood features both ALD and Porsche’s logos while hand-painted golden detailing adds the final touches. The traditional steering wheel from the 356 is changed for a sportier version took from the Carrera 4.
It’s not the first time that automotive and fashion meet. With Teddy Santis running Aimé Leon Dore seem to have found the winning formula to communicate past and present.
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