DD: Porsche 964 RS

MODELLO: Porsche 964 RSANNO: 1992COLORE: Amethyst Metallic
An amethyst-colored Porsche in touring trim, with purple, violet and lead interiors. She is the star of this week’s DD – Detailing Diary.I’d like to go on and on about amethyst jewelry, or how the stone absorbs polarized light differently, but no, I won’t do that. I’ll just say that Porsches of this era were usually white or black, the former usually intended for those who took them to the track, the latter for weekend outings.
Upon arrival, the car is apparently in order, to the naked eye I detect only a slight opacity that is typical of surfaces with small scratches from maintenance. In fact, when I take the specific light to analyze the bodywork, my doubts are confirmed: first note on the notebook, a nice polish, careful and attentive! The rest is the usual Chez Haute Detailing routine, analysis of the engine compartment, condition of the seals etc… You’re used to it by now.
Day 1The first day is dedicated to washing the car, which here we call aesthetic bath: not a simple wash, but a long beauty treatment to prepare the car for polishing and detailing. And I must say that doing it on this Porsche is a pleasure. The demineralized water mixed with the colloidal detergent forms a myriad of droplets that reflect the light and beautiful amethyst reflections. I let it act and start removing with microfibers, blowing the water away from the joints, which for classic cars is very important.The morning passed quickly between spatulas and microfibers.In the afternoon I decide to start taping to protect the air, corners and seals.
Day 2The night before I placed the car in the polishing room, now I prepare the trolley to start the work. The car is not very big, but I pull out pads and polishers of all sizes. I’ll try to work on cutting and finishing at the same time, this helps me to have more control over the final situation (I might forget a scratch, mon-dieu!).I start with the right side of the car, adjust the lights to see the defects and start decontaminating the part with a plant-based product that makes the job easy and non-toxic (I love it). I want this amethyst surface back to its original glory!
Day 3I notice a change in the reflection compared to the rest of the car, I’m very happy, I finish sipping my black tea slightly smoked and I go back to polish, today I will do roof and rear, so with tools at the antipodes, big polisher for the roof, two small ones for the tail and a very small one for the aileron, which needs a painstaking work.
Day 4Today I should continue the polishing, the car is coming along really well. But I decide to make a digression, maybe just to break the routine of two days of intense polishing. I want to take a break, I’ve decided that I’ll clean the engine compartment, which in Porsches is very low and the engine looks like a big book stuffed in a drawer, so the work often requires contortionist skills worthy of Houdini!But I love cleaning engines, especially 3.6 liter Porsches, because when they are perfectly clean and you can see through the open hood, it looks like a chest full of jewels!And then frankly, the engine is one of the things that on classics needs to be in order at all times. The customer must be able to top up or check the oil without getting his hands dirty, so everything must be perfectly clean, strictly without silicone gloss dressing that have a super cheap polishing effect, that’s detailing, darling!Now back to polishing, I still have more than half the car to do.
Day 5Usually my Detailing don’t last more than 5 days, but with this Porsche I got a special feeling and I want to bring it back to a really remarkable aesthetic condition. So I start again with polishing on what is usually the last day, that is waxing, interior and super finishing!I set up the polishers, position the lights and start polishing, I finish the job by 15.00, without taking a lunch break.I then decide to re-wash the car to free it from polishing dust and any halos left on the body, then I remove the paper taping and proceed, the work has been done artfully, now the body is reborn, looks reflective, smooth and the color without the scratches shines in its original tone, more intense and dark. I’m super proud!Time is never enough and now I have to start on the interior: I clean the studio and change the trolley, I prepare everything needed to clean the interior. Brushes for the leather, detergent for the plastic parts, coconut oil to restore the rubber gaskets now faded by time.
Giorno 6Yesterday I finished polishing, completed the interior and cleaned the leather, now it’s time for super finish!Super finishing is a process that needs light, attention and order around it.I clean the studio, place the car under the led tunnel and correct any defects, clean the windows, wax and nourish the seals. These are the attentions that give me the most satisfaction, they are the most beautiful and unique aspect of my work, which is made of love, extreme care and attention.That’s All Folks!XOXO Marci
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