Best of November

Rolls-Royce Neon NightsTake everything you know about Rolls-Royce and forget it for a moment. Yes, because the British company has just presented three models of the Black Badge line in bright neon colors.
The Neon Nights Collection reproduces the glow of neon lights and its distortion with speed, and includes the prestigious Cullinan, Dawn and Wraith Black Badge editions in shades never seen before of Lime Rock Green, Eagle Rock Red and Mirabeau Blue, with Scivaro Grey, Selby Grey and Arctic White interiors. Everything started from the hype aroused by a suite of Black Badges at Pebble Beach 2019, which saw Ghost, Wraith and Dawn in an unusual Bespoke pastel color dress. The Neon Nights was initially designed for US customers only, then expanded the range to three additional iterations of each color available worldwide, while guaranteeing a limited edition of only four pieces for each shade.
This is how the luminescent Australian green frogs, the flowers of Ōhi’a lehua in Hawaii and the exotic periandro Rhetus butterfly inspired the genesis of this bizarre trilogy, which looks like something out of a Pixar movie. With this vibrant capsule, Sami Coultas, Designer Bespoke Colour & Trim of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, wants to offer a concrete option “to customers around the world who really dare to be different”.
Nasa Motorcycle ConceptSince NASA announced its return to the Moon in 2024, a great number of creatives, designers and engineers came out with a wide variety of projects, but no one, strange but true, had ever dared to propose an electric vehicle to move on the lunar surface.
The concept is simple (yeah it’s easy to say later!), with a tubular steel frame that hosts the large battery pack in the central compartment, minimalist design and deliberately lowered trim. This is what the space bike looks like (yes, it only has two wheels!) electric motorcycle that came out of Andrew Fabishevskiy’s head and pen. It is not to be excluded that what to date is only a beautiful exercise in style, can then coincide with the needs and plans of NASA in the near future.
Project Rekall by Maserati FuoriSerieWe close the best-of this month full of news and previews with another series of renderings, this time on 4 wheels. After the halo of mystery created artfully by the FuoriSerie department of Maserati, the tailor-made branch of the Modenese company, here are the first sketches of an evocative restomod project with post-cyberpunk tones, inspired by the models that made the history of the Trident in the ’80s and ’90s. Rehabilitating the memory of that era is one of the objectives of Project Rekall, which wants to pay homage to Maserati icons with their squared, wedge-shaped lines, wide wheel arches and those unique details, reworked with a contemporary touch.
The proposal, which came out of the FuoriSerie department with the collaboration of Garage Italia, is circulating internally and will need the support of its community to become a reality. So you just have to take a look at @maserati_fuoriserie’s Instagram channel and contribute with your creative input to the project.
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